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Power Washing Services for Coastal NJ

Power Washing Services for Coastal NJ

There’s no doubt about it: spring is here, and summer is coming!

We’ve experienced a very unique season so far, to say the least, but we know that home maintenance and improvement is an essential part of getting life back to normal. If you’d like to see how we’ve adapted our services, just take a look here: Safe House Painting and Virtual Estimates in NJ.

So, what’s on your wishlist? We wanted to share a little food for thought about the importance of springtime power washing, but first, here are a couple other resources you might find helpful:

Why Power Wash Your New Jersey Home This Spring?


Power washing is the unsung hero of home maintenance for a host of reasons. And, if you’re wondering about the difference it makes, think of it this way. Which works better when you’re cleaning your car: letting it sit out in the rain, or purposefully and carefully washing and waxing it? Rain can actually leave even more residue behind, once that temporary “wet look” fades.

Your home is no different!

  • First, power washing offers a huge aesthetic improvement, washing away dirt, mold, and residue that inevitably accumulate on your siding.
  • Power washing also removes corrosive salt residue on coastal properties. Perfect for permanent residences or vacation homes close to the water!
  • Did you know that power washing also can actually extend the life of your paint or stain? Blasting away that corrosive buildup that we mentioned goes a long way to promote the health of your surfaces.
  • During the washing process, we also can offer a close physical inspection, looking for rot or damage that needs to be repaired. This can prevent issues from going unnoticed, ultimately avoiding a larger problem.
  • Fresh, clean surfaces are safer! Walkways, decks, and patios can quickly grow slick if they’re not cleaned routinely.

We’re Your New Jersey Power Washing Pros!

It’s right in our name! Deep cleaning your home’s exterior is a specialty of ours. We have the right equipment, team, and training to safely refresh and protect your property, and would love the opportunity to serve you this spring or summer. Contact us today to get started!

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