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Choose The Perfect Exterior Paint Color For Your New Jersey Home

Choose The Perfect Exterior Paint Color For Your New Jersey Home

Who else gets excited when their home gets a fresh coat of paint? It’s even more exciting when you combine a fresh color scheme and new paint.

Although the end result looks and feels great, the process to choose your new colors can be daunting. The sheer number of possible colors and combinations causes anxiety for many homeowners.

There are infinite color choices. How do you choose an exterior paint color that you will love for years to come?

1) Look At Your Neighborhood

Well designed neighborhoods usually have a predominant “feel.” While you want your house to stand out, you also want to coordinate with the overall feel of the neighborhood.

Keep in mind, your local Home Owners Association may have a say in the color you pick. Often, neighborhood HOAs have certain requirements for exterior paint choices. Make sure that the color you choose complies with these requirements!

2) Research Architectural Styles

Neighborhoods also have a consistent architectural style and corresponding color trends. Both architecture and color schemes should influence the color choice you make. Make sure that your color scheme matches the architectural style of your home.

Does this sound challenging?

  • Start by heading online to do a search for similar houses. There are hosts of websites that offer inspiration. You may find color combinations that you wouldn’t normally consider.
  • Check with your local painting company. Your trusted painter keeps up with the latest trends. They understand color theory and can recommend color choices that will allow your house to pop!

3) The Designer Rule of Thumb

Most designers recommend using a 60-30-10 ratio to determine an exterior painting color scheme. What exactly does that mean?

  • 60% of your home is a single, dominant color. Usually, this includes your siding.
  • 30% of your home should be a second color. You can choose a bolder color that contrasts and complements your dominant color. Use this 30% for your roof color, garage doors or shutters.
  • 10% of your home should focus on attention-grabbing details! Many people choose to use this contrasting color for their front door, but you can also choose your window shutters, gable vent, or another similar architectural feature.

Call Your Favorite New Jersey Painter

Does this still sound daunting? The Clean Lines Painting team can offer expert help with choosing the perfect paint color for your home. Our team of friendly painting experts will help you out every step of the way. We offer professional house painting services that include interior painting, exterior painting, kitchen cabinet repainting and refinishing and much more. Are you ready to get started? Reach out to us today for a free estimate.

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