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We make rescreening your windows and doors simple and convenient!

Window and door screens always face a lot of wear and tear, but especially so here on our Jersey shore. These are high-traffic areas, and are constantly being opened, closed, and used throughout the summer season.

As an added service, our Clean Lines team can repair or replace the screens in your doors, windows, and porches, saving you the time and expense of having a hardware store complete the work.

Our Screen Replacement and Repair Process

It's easy!

In fact, if you tell us a bit about the screens that need replacing, we can give you a good faith estimate. For your deck, patio, or porch, just tell us an approximate size and how many openings have screens. Or, you can even take a picture and send it to us!

If you have a screen door or multiple windows that need rescreening, the process is the same: just send a picture or tell us the size. We can then explain your material options, ranging from the most economical to high-end products that can withstand pet scratches, reduce sun exposure, and more!

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