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5 Tips for Protecting Your Painted Cabinets

5 Tips for Protecting Your Painted Cabinets

Your kitchen cabinets are well-built, well-maintained solid wood. They don’t need to be replaced, but it’s definitely time for a change. You settle on painting your cabinets, but you still have questions: WIll my painted cabinets look cheap? How do I keep my painted cabinets looking bright and beautiful?

Give your cabinets the best start.

We recommend a pristine paint job by highly-trained professionals who understand the process, the tools, and the skills required to give your cabinets a hard, smooth, factory finish. High-quality paints are also a must. If you want your painted cabinets to last, make the best choices right from the beginning.

Once your cabinets are painted, it’s time to protect them.

Here are five ways to get the job done:

  1. Routine maintenance and touch-ups

Your cabinet paint should be durable if it’s applied correctly, but life happens regardless of your finish type or quality. If there’s substantial damage, ask your painter about a quick touch-up. It can be easy for them to do and will prevent the blemish from growing.

  1. Clean frequently

If you cook up a killer batch of marinara on spaghetti night, and some splatters on your white cabinets, don’t let it sit. Get in the habit of frequent, gentle cleanings rather than an aggressive scrubbing every few weeks or months.

  1. Skip harsh cleaning products

The worst thing you can do for painted cabinets is pull out a bucket of hot, harsh cleaning solution, armed with a scratchy sponge and determination. Take “scouring” out of your kitchen cleaning vocabulary. Gentle cleaners are better!

  1. Avoid intense heat exposure

Again, this would be true and advisable for really any type of cabinet finish. Extremes are the enemy, whether we’re talking about a hot dish making contact with your cabinets, or prolonged steam exposure if you’re doing a marathon cooking session.

  1. Deep clean your cabinets a couple times per year

You might do this anyway, or you might not… No judgement. Either way, blocking off some time (other than spring cleaning) to thoroughly wipe down your kitchen cabinets can go a long way. Plus, you’ll be amazed by how good your paint looks all over again after removing dust and grime. It builds up faster than you think!

We are ready and willing to help you give your kitchen a whole new look. For a little inspiration check out our blog:

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If you have more questions about your decision to paint your cabinets or about how to protect your painted cabinets, contact us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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