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Popular Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors for 2023

Popular Kitchen Cabinet Paint Colors for 2023

So, you’re getting ready to paint your kitchen cabinets… That 1990s Honey Oak finish isn’t working for you anymore, and you’re dreaming of fresh, smooth color - maybe something trendy and bright. Maybe something darker and bolder…

And there’s the problem: you have a LOT of options.

It used to feel like you had two main directions to choose between: stained wood or white. Maybe a little bit of both if you were feeling daring. Well, you’re in the right place. Searching for trending cabinet paint colors is a great place to start, opening your eyes to new possibilities that you might not have considered otherwise. One word of advice? Don’t get TOO caught up in what’s trending. Pick something you love and that isn’t just hot for the moment but really reflects your personality and taste. Properly painted cabinets last a long, long time, and you want to be sure you absolutely love your color selection.

Are white kitchen cabinets still in style?


Absolutely! White isn’t going anywhere, offering a beautiful, clean backdrop for any other colors and materials you might like to include. And don’t worry: it’s not difficult to keep clean. Routine washing is key, gently wiping down those surfaces to remove accumulated dust, splatters, and smudges from the kids.

White upper cabinets with dark lower cabinets

If you love white cabinets but need more color in your life, try painting the uppers white and the lower cabinets something darker and moodier. The contrast is beautiful, but you still have the benefits of a bright and airy kitchen. That’s a win-win.

Paint your kitchen island

This trick works for both stained and painted kitchen cabinets. If you have an island, consider turning it into an accent piece, whether it’s bright and bold or dark and subdued. Either way it will stand out just a bit and offer visual interest.

Green and blue are two top kitchen cabinet paint colors


The nice thing about these colors is that there is a literal spectrum of options to choose from. Most folks are going for paler picks though, rooted in nature and offering a healthy, relaxing vibe. This trend makes sense given the fact that bolder, natural wall colors are leading the way right now. Soft red, blustery gray, blue, refreshing green… They’re all winners. Like Sherwin-Williams’ Redend Point! Here’s a quick video featuring the color, which also happens to be their 2023 Paint Color of the Year.

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