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Will My New Paint Smell?

Will My New Paint Smell?

New paint is exciting, right? Nothing beats seeing fresh colors roll out around your home, giving new life to tired surfaces.

Unfortunately, there’s a stigma that new paint offers more than just style: it offers fumes, too.

In all fairness, paint has earned that reputation. Not too long ago, paint did create a pretty heavy-duty smell, often making indoor painting really only practical during warmer seasons when windows could be opened for ventilation.

Today, let’s face the question head on. And, spoiler alert, we have good news.

What Causes Paint To Smell?

First, a very quick science lesson.

Those paint fumes are actually caused by volatile organic compounds that dissipate after the paint is applied. They were considered essential to the formula, and the fear was that without those components the paint’s finish strength would be compromised.

Now for the Good News: Low-Odor Paint!


Paint products are always evolving and improving, and so are the paint manufacturers’ focus on creating environmentally-friendly products.

Most interior paints are now low-odor, delivering the performance you need without the pesky odors. Just look for “low-VOC” on the label, or ask your painter which products they recommend. Also, if you have a specific allergy or sensitivity, that’s also important to mention.

Quick Recap:

Paint products used to have heavy, lingering fumes, but today’s advanced formulas are low-odor and environmentally-friendly. This means that every season is the right season for interior painting!

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