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Should You Paint Your House a Dark Exterior Color?

Should You Paint Your House a Dark Exterior Color?

As soon as you dip your toe into the world of paint color trends, you’ll quickly find that rich, deep, bold exterior colors are in. And we’re not just talking gray or greige; we’re talking navy and black.

Bold choices, right? Well, bold choices often have the biggest pay-off, especially if you make those choices carefully and with the right approach. First, let’s run through some of the benefits. Then, we’ll share an actual painting project with you that we just finished. And finally, we’ll offer a couple words of caution to help make sure your project is totally successful.

Why are dark house colors popular?

Here’s the skinny:

  1. They’re modern and trendy. Simple enough, right? Trending colors tend to get a lot of attention, which then makes them trend even more. Dark houses have a LOT of momentum right now.
  2. Minimizes details in your home’s design. In some cases, that may be a bad thing. But if you want your curb appeal to be a sum of its parts, and to maybe hide some funky lines here and there, a monochromatic, dark palette is a solid choice. Plus, you can strategically choose which elements you want to highlight by making them contrast with the field color. Think crisp white trim against black siding - striking and attractive.
  3. Heating costs can go down. Dark colors absorb and retain heat, so you might love that dark color in the wintertime. In the summer? Well, that’s another story…
  4. Lots of shades and sheens. This is true of any color, really, but you’ll notice even a subtle variation very clearly with a dark home. There’s a lot of power in these choices, so get the help of a professional color consultant before you make a final pick. It’s important to get it right!

Exterior painting at the Jersey Shore - what a striking palette!

Here’s an example of dark exterior paint colors done right. Striking, modern, and perfectly accentuated by white trim. Notice how there aren’t multiple accent colors, which can lead to a busy vibe. This is clean and impressive.


Before you paint your house a dark color…

  • Keep the age and condition of your home in mind. Dark is not forgiving, and what looks good on that modern home on HGTV might not look good on your 50-year-old house.
  • Consider the heat. Dark colors do get hotter, so factor in your direct sunlight and environmental temperatures. Our clients in Naples, FL, might not want a dark color, while it can work just fine for a client along the Jersey Shore.
  • Get color selection insight. As we mentioned above, you’ll have a lot of options and just one chance to get it right. Talk to a color pro for an outside perspective and fresh ideas.

Have more questions about house painting in NJ?

Contact us at Clean Lines Painting! And don’t forget: we have a location serving Naples, FL, as well. We’re here to help, and to change the way you paint.

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