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Power Washing a Tile Roof in New Jersey

Power Washing a Tile Roof in New Jersey

Few roof styles can compare to the classic beauty and incredible durablility of a tile roof. While these tiles maintain their integrity for many decades, they will tend to collect residue like any other type of roofing. Here in New Jersey, those residues would likely contain air pollution, dust, pollen, and mildew. If your roof tiles are a lighter color, this will show up sooner, but all tile roofs will show dirt eventually.

Power washing is a fantastic way to clean a tile roof. This process dislodges and rinses away all kinds of surface contaminants and restores the original color of your tiles. In cases where mildew is present, a mildew-killing agent is recommended as part of the process, since power washing alone will not kill the spores that live on the surface.

Important Considerations with Power Washing a Tile Roof

As with any painting or power washing job, safety is our primary concern. Depending on the height and pitch of the roof, you may need a harness and rope system. Special footwear can also be necessary to prevent slipping, and to prevent damage to the tiles. Here in the New Jersey area, you also need to consider the season, since cold weather can make this process more dangerous and unpleasant.

Pressure washing is effective precisely because of its power, but this same power also makes it tricky. If too much force is applied, it can actually damage the surface of the roof tiles, leaving etched lines in the material. For this reason, the person doing the pressure washing must know the proper settings for the equipment, and must maintain the proper distance between the nozzle and the roof surface.

Finally, the pressure washing technician must be patient and methodical as the process is completed. Power washing a tile roof must be done with even, consistent strokes across the whole surface to avoid missing spots or leaving "brush strokes."

New Jersey Pressure Washing Services

At Clean Lines Painting, we live up to our name in all kinds of ways. Whether we are hired for interior painting, exterior painting, or pressure washing, you can count on clean lines and attractive surfaces on every job! Our pressure washing technicians are careful and experienced, leaving your surfaces looking like new again!

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