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Popular Exterior Paint Colors for 2020

We love that people are going bolder these days with their home’s exterior color. Sure, white is a tried and true option, but why not let a little more personality shine?

First, let’s run through a few popular exterior paint color options. Then, to wrap things up, we’ll show you a house we just painted in Egg Harbor that is a PERFECT example of what a slightly bolder choice can do.

Trending House Paint Colors for 2020

  • Gray is still a beloved option, inside and out. It offers many of the benefits of white, but with a touch more depth. Plus, pair it with white trim and you’ve got a real winner.
  • Blue! Deep, darker blues can look truly stunning on your home’s exterior, especially if it’s framed with white trim and accents, maybe with a yellow or red front door.
  • Red! Believe it or not, red isn’t just for barns. But, it’s important to find the right red, maybe leaning towards the darker end of the spectrum and away from brighter options.
  • Earthy colors like green (think sage green) are a very trendy choice too.

At the end of the day, we recommend taking your home’s location, age, and architecture heavily into account. For example, if your home is a little older, putting a modern twist on a classic color scheme can pay some huge dividends. Your local painting company can help, providing examples of what other homeowners in your area are doing, or connecting you with professional color selection help.

Blue Exterior Paint: What a Beautiful Transformation!

Here’s an example of a major color change that paid off in a huge way, right here in Egg Harbor. Could the homeowner have just refreshed their existing palette? Absolutely. Was it worth stepping out and trying something new? See for yourself!


Here’s another example of a modern twist on a classic palette, just like we recommended above. Get creative and have fun with it!


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