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Painting a School in Pleasantville, NJ

Painting a School in Pleasantville, NJ

Think back to your school days, and what a huge impact they had in shaping the person you have become. There are so many factors that contribute to your school experience, mostly involving teachers and other students. However, the physical environment of the school also plays a role in shaping your experience. The way a school can feel dingy or bright, dilapidated or well-cared-for... all of these things affect the well-being of our students. That's why we at Clean Lines Painting count it a privilege to paint a school, and it's a responsibility that we want to fulfill well!

Our commercial painting crew recently finished repainting the interior of the Leeds Avenue Elementary School, in Pleasantville, New Jersey. We painted hallways, cafeteria, and office areas, giving a fresh, new look to the educational facility.

Besides adding new color to the walls, we also added a new pattern: horizontal stripes. Using different colors in different hallways, the stripes brought a simple, crisp, creative element to what would otherwise be a very plain cinderblock corridor.

When we paint schools, we are very careful to do it in a way that supports the goals of the facility. We work around the academic schedule so we aren't disrupting the function of the school. Fortunately, summer provides a good opportunity to do that! We also focus on keeping a tidy work environment and a respectful crew. We can also use Zero-VOC paints to reduce the odors associated with fresh paint.

Commercial Painting in New Jersey

Clean Lines Painting is a commercial painting contractor serving New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia. We paint schools, offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, HOA's, condos, manufacturing facilities, and much more. If you are the facilities manager at a school or other commercial building, we would be delighted to talk to you about our painting services!

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