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Make Sure You’re Asking Your Painter the Right Questions!

Make Sure You’re Asking Your Painter the Right Questions!

Ah, spring...

With warmer weather and sunshine right around the corner, many NJ homeowners are turning their attention to exterior painting and home improvement projects. This is the ideal time to reverse winter’s damage, bringing fresh style and protection to your outdoor surfaces in particular.

As you look for your professional painter, are you sure of which questions to ask? Unfortunately, these two are the most common: how much will it cost, and when can you start?

Those are good things to know, of course, but are far from being the most important. What you need is a list of questions that will guide the conversation in a productive way, showing you whether your prospective painter is worthy of your trust, time, and home improvement dollars.

4 Essential Questions to Ask Your House Painter


#1 Are You Licensed and Insured?

If the answer is yes, proceed to question #2. If the answer is no, you have definitely not found your painter.

Too many homeowners don’t realize that if their painter doesn’t carry the proper (and essential) credentials and coverage, you can be held liable for workplace injuries and damage.

#2 Where Can I Find Reviews and Client Feedback?

Dig a little deeper, researching the painting company’s name online. Look for reviews on sites like Yelp, Google, Houzz, and Angie’s List. It’s possible that a painter just may not have accumulated reviews, but in most cases you’ll be able to find feedback through at least one of those resources.

#3 What Level of Surface Preparation Is Included in My Estimate?

Your estimate should be thorough, crystal clear, and specific. And, be sure it includes what kind of preparation and repairs are included. A poor quality painter may offer an attractive bid, but if the work includes skimpy or nonexistent surface prep, it’s doomed before it even begins. Or, you may be surprised by an additional bill for the preparation that should have been included in your original estimate.

In short, know exactly what you’re paying for!

#4 What Kind of Paint Are You Using, and Why?

There is a massive difference between low-quality, bargain brand paint and high-quality, premium products. Color retention, adhesion, and longevity are all superior with higher-end paint. A low estimate may be tempting, but sometimes that lower number is made possible by lower-end paint. And, in the long run, paint that doesn’t perform as well is never the most cost-effective option.

We Can Answer Your New Jersey House Painting Questions!

Your Clean Lines team is here to help! Contact us today, and let’s discuss your home improvement needs and goals for this spring.

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