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Leave Power Washing to the Professionals: Here's Why

Leave Power Washing to the Professionals:  Here's Why

It seems easy enough, right? You can wash a car with the garden hose, how different could it be? Plenty. Add the power, measured in pounds per square inch (psi) to your garden hose and it’s a whole different ball game. Learn why it makes perfect sense to leave power washing in the hands of a trained professional.

Under Pressure

Close your eyes and imagine a gently flowing stream. It’s lovely to look at, and you can hear the water gurgling softly. That’s your garden hose.

Keep your eyes closed, and imagine Niagara Falls. The water is rushing past at a deafening roar, pushing everything out of its path. That’s a power washer.

The strength of water under pressure is impressive. Think how difficult it is to scrub the dirt and green growth off your home; it requires a tremendous amount of elbow grease. Or a power washer, which can cut straight through all the dirt and grime. In the right hands, it is a thing of beauty. In inexperienced hands, you may get more than you bargained for.

Perfect Power Washing

Success has a certain feel to it. And perfect power washing relies on a professional’s feel for the equipment, the surface material and condition, and the environment.

Power washing from too far away yields an unsatisfactory clean. The end result isn’t as bright or pristine as you hoped. You can still see dirt and debris in the nooks and crannies.

Power washing up close will strip away all the grime, but unfortunately, improper use of a power washer can also strip away the original finish and even the substrate. Many overzealous home owners have power washed their decks and furniture only to find the surfaces rough and full of splinters, adding yet another item to their already long to-do lists.

Perfect power washing takes into account all these individual factors. Professional power washers know exactly how their equipment is going to perform, and how to use it on a variety of finishes and substrates.

Hiring a Professional Power Washing Company

Power washing requires skill and experience to reveal your home’s original beauty, and it also requires a healthy respect for the power of the water. You may want to think twice before you climb a ladder with power washer in hand! Consider hiring an experienced and insured professional, and allow them to cross this task off your list.

You’ll be pleased with the professional results, you’ll have saved some of that precious weekend time, and given the fact you’ll be splinter-free and dry, you may even be healthier for it.

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