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Last Call for Fall Exterior Power Washing in New Jersey

Last Call for Fall Exterior Power Washing in New Jersey

While it’s true that summer seemed determined to hang around this year, it looks like fall is finally here to stay. The leaves are turning and sending a shower of brilliant color over rooftops all along our coastal region. And that means it’s getting close to last call for fall power washing.

Power Wash to Prepare for Winter



Although many of us think of spring as the perfect season to clean up our homes’ exteriors, fall is a good time as well.

Power washing your home before winter settles in removes all the dirt and grime from the summer season, giving your home a fresh, pristine look as we head into the winter months. Given this year’s wet spring and summer, power washing also removes the mold and green that has had the chance to flourish in wet conditions.

Power washing now stops the cycle of growth.

Power Wash for Safety’s Sake

Wet conditions this year have led to unprecedented green growth on decks and walkways resulting in slick surfaces underfoot. Power washing cleans these surfaces in preparation for winter weather which can increase icy conditions. Cleaning up now means you’ll be on the safer side when walkways are covered with leaves, snow, and ice.

Power Wash Before Temperatures Drop

As the days get shorter and the nights grow colder, temperatures drop and it becomes impossible to power wash safely, without the threat of icy glaze on surfaces such as decks, walkways and patios. Plan to schedule your home’s final cleanup before winter to have your house looking its finest before the holidays arrive. Work with a quality contractor familiar with your area and receptive to your needs.

As always, start with a free estimate, and check references before signing a contract. Working together, your home can be dressed for the holidays in no time flat!

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