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Interior Painting Color Trends for 2021

Interior Painting Color Trends for 2021

If there’s anything that seems to stick out at the beginning of 2021, it is simply that we are all ready to get back to life and find fresh, renewed perspectives. Although we cannot change everything happening around us, we can keep our homes as our very own space of much needed comfort and relaxation. That’s why we wanted to give you some ideas of how to make your home feel fresh and renewed for 2021.

So let’s take a minute to check out some color trends that are on the rise.

The Perfect Neutral Color to Pair With Popular Accents: Gray

This year seems to be the perfect year to create a space to intertwine neutrals and accent colors. Rather than painting a room a solid, bold color, we are seeing how popular it is to begin with a neutral color such as gray and utilize small portions of the room, or even furniture to bring in the bolder accent colors that we also secretly love. Believe it or not, picking a gray tone can be a big decision on its own. There are warmer grays, bolder grays, bluer grays, and even something called “greige” that is a mix of gray and beige together. We encourage you to pick the color that you find as most comforting and inviting to you. The accent color will do the rest. If you’re not sure about gray, you could also consider another neutral such as a warmer white or beige.


Accent Color Trends

Now let’s talk about accent colors. It is important to note that we think it's best to stick to one bold accent color rather than having many colors and hues in one room. This way, you can produce the strong statement that you want to make about your space.

Make a Statement With An Earthy Red

Pairing a darker red for your space is the perfect way to create a room full of expression. It is easy to use this red tone in a room along with other earth tones such as wood, brass, and other matte colors. Using an earthy red accent color creates a space with a statement, but also a space of security and comfort. It will tell your family and guests that even in 2021, you can walk in confidence and know exactly what you are doing.

The Calming and Inspiring Effects of Green or Blue Hues

Another popular accent color that we have seen often paired with a neutral is blue. This can be a blue of your choice ranging from soft aquas to bolder or warmer blues. Blue often represents a calming atmosphere and can present a home of peace.

Using green rather than blue may also be a perfect choice. Rather than simply presenting a calm atmosphere, greens are known to inspire and refresh as it brings a touch of nature back into your home.


The Joys of Yellow

Make your statement with a pop of color like a hue of yellow.

Yellows are known to create a space for happiness and positivity- something we all want in our homes right about now. Using furnishings and accents of yellow along with a neutral color will tell the world to “look out!”

The Strength of Urbane Bronze

Lastly, we think there are some of you out there who might really enjoy the strength that Urbane Bronze can bring into your home. Urbane Bronze is a combination of gray and brown which creates the perfect color of strength to put in your peaceful home. Try pairing it with natural wood colors or even golds and you will be amazed at the transformation. So which colors do you like the most? Or do you have other ideas in mind? We are ready to help transform your home into the perfect space for you and your family as we continue into 2021. Contact us today to get started!

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