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How to Pick the Perfect Painter for Your New Jersey Home

How to Pick the Perfect Painter for Your New Jersey Home

All too often, when we’re shopping for goods and services, our first question is: how much will it cost? While price is a valid concern, it is just one of many. A professional exterior painting of your Atlantic County, North Cape May County, or Long Beach Island home can last somewhere around ten years (depending on a number of factors). But, only if it’s done properly.

Before you hire a contractor, make certain they hit all the high marks for service.

Experienced Community Business


Choose an established professional with an active home base in or near your community. Ideally, your perfect painter has experience painting homes in the area and has ready knowledge of the local environment. Stay away from outfits that drop by, offering services "while we’re in the area." A skilled professional will be happy to provide references, and proof of insurance before the job begins. Follow up on the references and ask questions. Don’t agree to start if you’re uncomfortable with either one. Hire a professional that wants a long-term working relationship - it’s a win for both parties.

Craftspeople Make All the Difference

A professional that employs skilled craftspeople means that you’ll have folks on your job that are invested in their company. They are familiar with local codes and ordinances. They work to a high standard and take pride in their work.

Don’t forget to ask who will be doing the actual work before you sign a contract.

Free Estimate and Explanation

Everyone gives free estimates. Take yours one step further and choose an estimate from a contractor that details the work exactly, so there aren’t any misunderstandings later. If you have questions, ask. A quality professional will address your concerns before the work begins.

Fair Wage for a Quality Job

Understand that painting professionals are just like you, even if their industry is different. When you hire an experienced professional, with a seasoned staff, excellent references, and all the necessary insurance and licenses to do the job safely and well, you are supporting a local business. In return for your confidence, you’ll receive an end result that exceeds your expectations and strengthens your community.

And that’s a real bargain!

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