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How Do You Pick the Best Exterior Painting Estimate?

How Do You Pick the Best Exterior Painting Estimate?

Spring is here and it’s time to refresh the beauty of your home. But where do you begin in finding the perfect painting company? Shopping around can either be seriously stressful or really exciting, depending on the kind of challenge you’re up for.

We want to give you some tips on what to look for and what to avoid when shopping for the best painter to handle your exterior painting project.

Finding the Balance Between Price and Quality is Important


It is exciting when you can get the best bang for your buck, but when you do this with painting (especially with a project as big as your house!), you’ll want to make sure you’re looking out for the quality too. Asking the right questions before you choose your company will go a long way in ensuring a beautiful home exterior for years to come.

So what are some questions you should ask? Let’s take a look.

#1. What surface preparation is included in the quoted price?

Anyone can slap on a couple coats of primer and paint, but the surface of your home needs more than that. Investing time in surface prep is vital to ensuring a long lasting paint job.

So what's included? Will the company be power washing to get rid of years of built up dirt and mildew? Will they be repairing damage, wood rot, or brittle caulking to make your home look perfectly renewed and keep bugs and moisture out? Or will they simply be painting over your home for the price they have quoted, leaving you with the burden of the extra fees if you decide you need more prep and repairs?

#2. What does the warranty include?

As with any big purchase, understanding the worth of the warranty is important. The last thing that we want is for a company to surprise you with the fine print when you are in need. It’s important that they give you a clear, understandable layout of what’s in your warranty. A short (or too lengthy with a lot of fine print) warranty should be a red flag. Can you understand the company’s warranty? If not, are they willing to provide clear answers to any questions?

#3. What kind/quality of paint will they use?

The saying, “You get what you pay for” can go a long way when deciding which company to choose. Bargain hunting is always great, but be sure to find out what kind of paint they will use. It is no longer a bargain if the paint fails quickly and you have to repaint your house much sooner - quality products matter.

#4. What do others say?

In this day and age, the internet has opened up an instant way to know if the company you might choose is going to be the right fit for you. Make sure to take a little time to check out the company’s website as well as reviews from other sources. Knowing what you’re getting into and confirming that you are getting a reputable company will go a long way in ensuring excellent quality.

So are you ready to shop? Taking a little time to ask these questions will be worth your effort!

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