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Deck Staining in New Jersey: Enhance and Protect!

Deck Staining in New Jersey: Enhance and Protect!

Is your deck fully protected, or vulnerable to decay?

It’s a little too easy to takeyour outdoor space for granted. It’s there waiting every spring, and maybe just needs a quick sweep-off or power washing to be ready for a summer of fun.

We want to be SURE it’s there for you every year, helping you to extend its life just as long as possible.

Cleaning and power washing is definitely a good start! Just don’t forget to keep a close eye on the finish quality as well.

Why Is Deck Stain So Important?

Whether you choose a solid-stain or a clear finish, the goal is the same: to protect the wood from UV damage, moisture, pests, and decay. The more solid finishes offer greater protection, but obscure the natural wood look, while more transparent stains and sealers offer less protection but more authentic charm.

Make your choice based on the condition of the wood, your stylistic preference, and your willingness to commit to a specific maintenance routine.

Either way, make sure your stain is able to do its job, and isn’t so old that it’s of no real value.

Signs That It’s Time To Stain Your Deck

How do you know that it’s time to stain your deck?

  1. Check the appearance. Specifically, look for patchy, flaky, or uneven finishes. If the coating is failing, it’s time to stain.
  2. Wood condition. Are you seeing splintered boards, soft areas, or rot? If so, you need to replace those portions, then apply fresh stain for full protection.
  3. Try the water test! Ready for a simple trick? Dribble water on the surface of a deck board. If it beads up, the stain is still doing its job, but if it soaks in, the wood is vulnerable.

Deck Staining in New Jersey

Have a question or two? Contact us at Clean Lines Paint! We’d love to provide a free quote, and help you protect your favorite outdoor space for years to come.

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