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Deck Refinishing in Coastal New Jersey

Deck Refinishing in Coastal New Jersey

Summer may be well underway, but there’s plenty of time to enjoy your deck. In fact, some of the season’s peak months are still ahead!

So, this all leads us to an important question: how does your deck look? Still a comfortable extension of your home, or is it worse for the wear?

It can be easy to overlook your more natural wood surfaces, often neglecting them until they’re seriously compromised.

Why Is Your Deck Paint or Stain So Important?

Style? Absolutely. But it goes deeper than that.

Paint and stain is your first line of defense against moisture intrusion, rot, pests, UV damage, and more. In short, routine care will protect both your deck and your budget. It’s worth talking to a local painting company and setting up a consistent maintenance plan, including close inspections and refinishing (as needed) every couple of years.

What Kind of Paint or Stain Should You Use?

The lighter, more clear the stain (and sealer), the less direct protection is typically offered. Think of it as an SPF level for sunscreen: the higher the number, the more sun protection.

It really all comes down to your preferred style and the level of maintenance you’re comfortable with. We have New Jersey clients who love light finishes, and others who love a more solid, paint-like aesthetic.

Deck Refinishing in Egg Harbor, NJ

Ready for an incredible example of a solid finish? Take a look at this deck that our team just finished up!


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