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COVID-Certified House Painting Services in New Jersey

COVID-Certified House Painting Services in New Jersey

When it comes to dealing with COVID and all of the emotions that go along with it, small businesses need to strike the balance of talking about it openly, but also not talking about it TOO much. After all, we’re flooded with information and updates on a daily basis, and we don’t want to add to that noise level in your life.

What we do want you to know, however, is that we take it seriously. And we take your trust seriously. When you hire a house painter to update your home, inside or out, you’re trusting that they’re taking precautions that will keep you and your family safe.

Safe and Clean House Painting Services


Here at Clean Lines Painting and Power Washing, we’ve taken it a step further.

In addition to rigorous health and safety protocols, we also invested in a COVID-19 certification. This extra level of training, education, and awareness has enabled and equipped our team with deeper knowledge and context. All of this translates to more effective strategies to ensure your well-being.

And, we also want to help ensure your peace of mind. Every step of the way, our goal is for you to love your interior and exterior house painting experience, and this starts with you feeling comfortable and confident.

Interior House Painting Services in Coastal New Jersey

On that note, fall is coming fast! If you have any interior house painting needs, this is an ideal time to contact us for a free estimate. Save your place on our schedule, lock in your project, and then rest easy. The season will go quickly!

So, what can we paint for you?

  • Interior Painting
  • Walls, Ceiling, and Trim
  • Cabinet Painting and Finishing
  • Staining and Refinishing
  • Drywall Repair… and more!

Ready to roll? Contact us today!

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