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Can You Paint the House When It Rains in Naples, FL?

Can You Paint the House When It Rains in Naples, FL?

Here in Southwest Florida, we’re blessed with pretty fantastic weather. The kind of weather that draws people from all over to our sunbaked beaches and vibrant blue skies.

At the same time, however, we’re also known for two factors that can be detrimental to a paint job: rain and humidity. After all, moisture is the enemy of wet paint.

So, can you paint your house when it rains in Naples? Here’s what you need to know.

Interior Painting During Rainy Weather in Florida

Unless you have a major roof leak, precipitation isn’t a threat to an interior paint job. In fact, interior painting can be done any day or time of year, as long as the humidity is in check. Central air conditioning is a must-have here in the Naples area, and that helps keep your air dry. If humidity is an issue, you could also run a dehumidifier a few days before and after painting, helping to curate those ideal, dry conditions.

Exterior Painting During Rainy Weather in Florida

Painting in the rain? Obviously not a good idea.

But what many Floridians might not realize is that you can’t just consider active rainfall, but the condition and saturation level of your exterior surfaces. If it’s rained recently, even relatively dry siding may still be too wet to paint, and if it rains shortly after you run the risk of streaking and splotching.

Our recommendation is to watch the weather closely and wait until you have 24 hours of rain-free conditions before AND after your project. The longevity and beauty of your paint job hinges on how well the paint sticks and cures, and it just can’t bond to damp surfaces.

On the same token, avoid exterior painting when the relative humidity is above 70% as well. Sticky, moisture-laden air can spell disaster for your new paint, even if it’s not actively raining.

Can It Be Too Dry Outside To Paint?

For peak performance, paint can’t just cure, but needs to cure at a specific rate. Super hot, dry days can cause your paint to dry too quickly, resulting in an unsightly surface or even paint failure. If your humidity is below 40%, that can be a red flag too.

Professional Exterior Painting in Naples, FL

As local, professional painters, we know the right times, conditions, and seasons for ALL your house painting needs. Rather than risk poor results, contact the Clean Lines Painting team and let us handle the details for you.

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