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Can You Paint Outside in the Fall in New Jersey?

Can You Paint Outside in the Fall in New Jersey?

We’re getting down to crunch time!

Clients (maybe like you?) are realizing that summer is just about gone, and there are still outdoor painting projects on their to-do list. Will you need to wait until next spring, or is there still a chance to check those items off?

It really comes down to two key considerations: your painter’s availability and the weather. Let’s take a closer look at both.

Why It Pays To Plan Ahead for House Painting in the Fall

Fall is a transitional season, acting as a bridge between two major rushes in the painting world: summer is a boom season for exterior painting here in New Jersey, and winter is of course a popular time for interior painting (especially leading up to the holidays).

With all of that in mind, we recommend talking to your painting company as early as possible. A good painter will do everything they can to fit in your project, regardless of season, but there are still limitations.

Can You Paint Outdoors in the Fall?

Thanks to advancements in modern paint formulas, painting well into the fall (outdoors) is not an issue. In fact, some paint can withstand near-freezing temperatures, greatly expanding the seasonal timeframe in which it can be safely applied.

With that said, overnight freezing can be another story. In other words, it might be safe to apply your paint in that crisp, 45-degree afternoon weather, but what about when it dips down to 20 overnight? Taking the whole temperature spectrum into consideration is important.

Hand-in-hand with this issue, you can experience moisture-related risks and problems as you get later in the season as well. All that to say, fall can be an awesome season for exterior painting, but you have to play it safe and not risk nudging up against the winter temps. An experienced painting company can help with this.

Ready To Plan Your Fall Painting Projects?

We’re ready to help! Contact us at Clean Lines Painting with any questions, or feel free to start by exploring our services.

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