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4 Surprising Benefits of Power Washing Your New Jersey Home

4 Surprising Benefits of Power Washing Your New Jersey Home

Summertime is a perfect season for outdoor projects here in New Jersey. Gardening, reorganizing sheds and garages, landscaping, maybe a little touch-up painting or staining…

All of that is rewarding and fun, but did you know that you could be missing out on another powerful way to boost your curb appeal?

We don’t put “power washing” right in our company name for nothing… We believe that it’s an essential part of home maintenance, offering some surprising benefits that you won’t want to overlook.

Should You Power Wash Your Home?

Definitely, and here’s a closer look at why:

#1: Refresh Your Surfaces

Your home tends to accumulate dirt and mildew, especially on those sides that get less direct sunlight. And after a long, damp winter, the accumulation can be really unsightly. This gunk can often be power washed away, especially when specialized cleaners are used (that are both plant and pet-safe). And don’t stop at your siding: power washing is a perfect solution for decks, patios, and walkways too.

A lot of our clients especially appreciate having their coastal homes washed, removing corrosive salt buildup before the summer season.

#2: Protect Your Paint and Stain

That buildup of contaminants doesn’t just LOOK bad. It can actually damage your paint and stain as well, shortening its lifespan. So yes, routine power washing can extend the life of your home’s coatings, offering a serious return on investment over time.

#3: Reduce Allergens

Mold and mildew are a real irritant for people who suffer from allergies. A thorough wash will make your home a healthier, less sneezy, place overall.

#4: Make Routine Repairs and Maintenance Easier

A proactive approach to cleaning, painting, and home maintenance is definitely the best approach. You’ll keep your property value up and costs down, especially by catching issues (like wood rot) early. Power washing is an ideal way to inspect and care for your surfaces, from siding to decks and railings.

How Often Should You Power Wash Your Home?

1-2 times per year is ideal, depending on your specific property, location, and needs. You’ll be glad you did.

If you have any other questions about our painting and power washing services in New Jersey, please reach. Our team is here to help!

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