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Is It Okay To Paint Outdoors in the Fall?

Is It Okay To Paint Outdoors in the Fall?

We get it. Every year summer seems to go by a little faster, leaving you with less and less time to get all those home improvement projects done. Between kids, sports, vacations, and other obligations, you’re facing fall before you know it.

This leads us to an awesome question we hear every year: can you paint outdoors in the fall in New Jersey?

For our Florida clients looking for a painter in Naples, that’s not too much of a concern. But for our New Jersey clients, it’s a real consideration.

First, we’re going to share what ideal exterior painting conditions really look like. Then we’ll offer some myth-busting advice.


What’s the best weather for exterior painting in New Jersey?

Here’s the best-case scenario:

  • Temps? 50-85 degrees. Warm, but not blazing hot, with temperatures staying relatively consistent too. No huge fluctuations.
  • Still conditions. Wind can speed up the drying process, causing your paint to cure too quickly. Think of it like blowing on a wet surface to make it dry faster.
  • Dry surfaces. This is a must-have. And while you obviously can’t pait while it’s raining, it’s important to consider the moisture content of your surface too. If it rained recently, like within the last day, the chances are good that the siding is still saturated and needs more time to dry out.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, and you just do the best you can. But in a perfect world, your painting process should follow the sun, leveraging as much shade as possible so you aren’t working with a super-heated surface that flash-cures your paint.

What’s the best season for exterior painting?

Okay, time for the myth-busting fun fact. Most homeowners think that spring and summer are peak seasons for painting, but late-summer and early fall are actually the MOST ideal. Fall in particular can be fantastic, offering those dry, even, slightly cooler conditions.

The takeaway? If you’re reading this in the summertime, you have NOT missed your chance to paint this year. Get in touch with your local painting contractor and put together your plan before the window closes!

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