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Can you paint the house when it rains?

Can you paint the house when it rains?

Here in New Jersey, our painting plans are always subject to the weather. While the summertime can be the perfect time to paint, unpredictable rainstorms can make that difficult. This often leaves homeowners wondering, “Can you paint the house when it rains?” The easy answer is, ”It depends!” Here is a more thorough response.

Interior Painting during Rainy Weather

Interior painting can be performed any day of the year, no matter the weather, unless your interior humidity is too great. In this case, turning on the air conditioning or a dehumidifier can make your home interior paint-worthy, even on the rainiest days.

Exterior Painting during Rainy Weather

Exterior painting is a trickier proposition. For one thing, it is impossible to control the humidity that is present before and after rainstorms. Too much humidity, whether inside or outside, will prevent the proper curing of your paint. As a general rule, do not paint when the relative humidity is above 70%.

Besides the humidity, there is also the obvious concern of moisture on the exterior surfaces themselves. If it has recently rained, make sure the walls are thoroughly dry before applying paint. Also, if rain is predicted within 24 hours after your painting project, you might want to consider waiting. It’s not worth putting all that effort and money into a new paint job that might end up runny and splotchy!

Those who are wondering about whether they can paint the house in the rain might also ask how long a deck has to dry before it can be stained and/or sealed. This depends on the quality of the wood and the dryness of the weather. If the prior waterproof coating on the wood is still intact, it will only take a few hours for it to dry thoroughly. However, if the wood has no protective coating, it will probably soak up water like a sponge, and it could take several days of hot, dry weather before it is ready to stain or seal.

Can it be too dry outside to paint?

Paint is designed to cure at a specific rate, and if the weather is too dry, the paint might cure improperly. This can lead to an unsightly surface and even to early paint failure. If the humidity is below 40%, please check whether your specific brand of paint will cure under those conditions.

Professional Painting in New Jersey

Clean Lines Painting is a New Jersey painting contractor. This means we know the New Jersey climate, and we know about paint. When you are working with us, you can be sure that we will only paint when the time is right. Based in Egg Harbor Township, NJ, Clean Lines Painting provides quality residential and commercial painting services to our New Jersey neighbors.

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