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Are White Kitchen Cabinets Still Popular?

Are White Kitchen Cabinets Still Popular?

Thinking about painting your kitchen cabinets? Good idea! If your cabinets meet your needs overall and are good quality, repainting them is a wonderful alternative to replacing. Shorter timeline, less expensive, plus you can pick any color (or color combo) you’d like. The possibilities are endless!

As you research your options, you’ve probably seen a LOT of white kitchen cabinets. They’ve dominated the scene for a long time, but that can raise a really good question: are they still popular? Or have white kitchen cabinets started to fade?

The major appeal here is that white is a clean, versatile color. You can add in any other colors or textures you’d like without any risk of clashing. Plus, white is timeless. Some folks might claim it’s a “trend” and that it’ll pass, but in reality white kitchen cabinets have been around for a very, very long time.

So yes. White kitchen cabinets are still very much in style.

But if you’d like some ideas for adding extra color to the heart of your home, keep reading.

4 ideas for adding color to your white kitchen


#1: Remember that you have a lot of whites to choose from

Take a look in the “White” section of a paint color store and you’ll be blown away… The swatches seem to go on forever, with all the variations you could imagine. Some warmer, some cooler. Some brighter, some closer to gray. You can have a white kitchen without it feeling sterile or bland.

#2: Add in natural wood elements

Like the kitchen in the photos above! Check out that gorgeous island countertop, layering in the warmth and charm of a naturally finished surface. If you don’t want to replace a countertop, try open wood shelves, or decorations like a wood cutting board or charcuterie board that doubles as a decoration.

#3: Paint your lower cabinets a darker color

Keep those beautiful white uppers, but anchor the space with darker lower cabinets. The results can be stunning.

#4: Try an island accent color

If you’re sold on all-white cabinets, why not paint JUST your island an accent color? Blue and green are super popular right now, and they go beautifully with white. They’ll also mix well with your natural wood elements. Win-win-win.

Have more questions about cabinet painting and paint colors?

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