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Are Neutral Interior Paint Colors Still in Style?

Are Neutral Interior Paint Colors Still in Style?

Dreaming of a little fresh paint this winter? Maybe a lot? Now comes the fun part: finding the perfect paint color!

And if you’re like a lot of NJ homeowners, you’re probably wondering what’s trendy right now for interior paint colors. If you like conclusive answers, this might not be the most helpful, but for some it will be a relief: the sky’s the limit when it comes to color selection.

On one hand, more vibrant colors are in. Bolder, deeper colors that really let your personality shine.

At the same time, earthy colors are very stylish too, including soft greens. One of our favorites is Sherwin-Williams’ color of the year: Evergreen Fog. It has a warm, almost colonial charm, doesn’t it?


But how about neutral colors?

Why neutral paint colors are still a winner

In short, yes. Absolutely. White, off-white, and gray are still super popular, and for a number of good reasons. Let’s take a closer look.

Leave room for your decor

Bold walls can steal the show, or at the very least make any other colors look a little muted. If you have funky furniture, bold artwork, or maybe a killer area rug that needs the spotlight, leverage neutral walls. They play well with others by offering a clean backdrop.

So versatile!

Neutral paint colors are endlessly versatile, letting you change, mix, and match surrounding colors and textures as much as you’d like. They also pair beautifully with natural wood.

Timeless paint colors

If you’re into trends and enjoy painting, pick a bolder color with a shelf life. But if you’re looking for an evergreen wall color that will last for years with just routine touch-ups and care, go neutral.

The takeaway?

Our best advice is to pick the colors you love. Trends come and go, but you live within your walls every day, all day. So get inspired, do your research, but then go with whatever makes you happy! If you’re really stumped, however, you can always ask your local painting company. They can provide resources, including connecting you with a professional color consultant to walk you through options for your specific space, taking all the various factors into consideration.

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