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3 Signs That It's Time To Paint Your House

3 Signs That It's Time To Paint Your House

Owning a home can be fun… And also a lot of responsibility. Don’t let it overwhelm you though! Sure, we can’t come to you with helpful tips on plumbing or electricity, but we are happy to be a source of useful information when it comes to house painting.

Let’s talk about your home’s exterior. Oftentimes, homeowners consider any kind of painting project as more of a “want” than a “need.” What people don’t realize is that repainting a home is an important part of keeping it healthy.

So, what are some signs that show that your home is saying “Paint me!”?

#1 The Paint Is No Longer Solid (There’s Cracking, Flaking, Bubbling, or Fading)

We know this probably sounds obvious, but let’s talk about why this sign is so important to pay attention to. Over time, weather conditions can really wear a house down. Whether it is harsh winters or strong, sunny summers, both of these can cause your paint to age.

Paying close attention to the health of your paint can help you avoid other concerning problems such as wood rot, mold, or water intrusion. Not only can a painting professional help you discover these serious problems, fresh paint adds another layer of protection for your home.

#2 The Caulking Is Brittle, Shrinking, or Missing

From time to time, we recommend checking the caulking around your doors and windows. If you see that it is no longer healthy (has grown brittle or missing chunks), it might be time to paint your home. Painting professionals can replace your caulking as part of their painting procedure. This protects your home from water damage, mold, and yes, even those dreaded pests!

#3 Your Curb Appeal Could Use a Little Help

If you are noticing that your home is looking sad in comparison to the other homes on your block, it might be time to consider repainting. Perhaps this isn’t a vital need, but it really is important if you want to keep your home’s value and marketability. Not to mention, it is always fun to have a fresh makeover!

Bonus Tip

On average, a home should be painted every 5-10 years, depending on the weather conditions. If you live in a place that has extreme winters or summers, you may want to paint it a little sooner. If your weather is pretty mild year round, then you might be able to make it last a little longer.

The one thing that we certainly recommend though is that you don’t wait until it’s in desperate need. That would be like waiting to get an oil change for your car until it finally gives out on the highway, racking up a list of other concerning problems.

Upkeep is vital in keeping the exterior of your home healthy at all times and we are here to help you along the way! If you think it might be time to look into painting your New Jersey home, we will gladly help you get started. Contact us today so we can talk about your home!

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